How to tap into ancient wisdom with your morning routine

Morning Tea

I have always been more of a morning person and when the children were small I used to treasure the quiet, me time, before the family woke.

Mornings for me now can start at any time from dawn until as late as after nine. But for as long as I can remember a cup of tea has been central to the start the day proceedings.

My tea of choice is Clipper everyday organic and always made in a pot, taken with milk and no sugar. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, when needs must, when away overnight, on holidays or in a hotel and then it’s a bag in a cup.

Now, it’s very interesting to note that, the taste of my tea can vary enormously, even though I apparently make it the same way every time – bag in the cup days excluded. Why is that I wonder? My taste buds? The length of time brewed? The freshness and amount of milk added? My chosen mug? Probably any of the above or a combination of all of them.

But, oh what a joy when it’s a good cup of tea day or even an excellent one!

Now, I could explore more fully the science behind making the perfect cup of tea.  Bring in expert advice about the exact temperature of the water, the warmth of the pot, discuss milk first or after pouring and that’s not even touching the subject of leaves or bags!

I could also discuss the mindfulness of making my tea and yes these things are very relavant, important and many would say vital even.

What is important, is that I have my way.

I like my way.

And that suits me.

What others may or may not do, is up to them!

But over the last few years my morning tea ceremony has been extended to include a ten minute meditation, followed by writing in my journal.

With tea freshly brewing in the pot, I set the timer on my phone and sit in purposeful quiet and stillness for ten minutes while it brews.

I confess that some mornings my head is busy with random thoughts, others I can almost drift back off to sleep or my body refuses stillness and wants to twitch and wriggle. But most days I emerge with a clarity and calm from those precious moments of quiet, ready for my tea, to write my journal and to face whatever the universe has in store for me in the day ahead .

There is a Japanese Proverb – “If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.”

I think that goes for woman too by the way!

What’s your morning routine?

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