Need a new use for your 1990’s vintage nappy bucket?

These days I confess to being a very lazy gardener.

Gone are the days of my productive vegetable garden, fruit cage and orchard.

I loved those days but times have changed and that garden has been passed on to others to enjoy.

But I do love the sanctuary of my garden, my herbs and in the summer my tomatoes.

But this year the shrubs in my garden have looked a little bit sad probably in part to the very dry summer that we have had but also, and I hold my hands up in confession, to neglect by me.

So, with a plan to pep up my plants I decided to do something that I would regularly do in the days of my vegetable garden and make some nettle stew.

My parents, keen gardeners (sadly the gene didn’t make it to me!) have a large five acre garden and in the wilder parts of their garden I know I will find plenty of nettles to harvest. So with gloves on, a pair of secateurs and a bin liner, I set about collecting the precious crop of nettles for my stew.

At home, the nettles are chopped up and packed into (and don’t ask me why I still have this) a Mothercare lidded nappy bucket, vintage 1990, with water to cover.

Lid securely on I leave it in a secluded part of the garden for a week or so to brew.

Now, for those who want to give this a go, but have never brewed this stew before, I must give you the heads up and warn that when you open the lid beware of the SMELL! This stuff really stinks, but boy the plants love it, its free and quite possibly (depending where you harvest your nettles) organic.

Use it strained, well diluted and it will provide all sorts of goodies to your plants including nitrogen, iron, potassium and magnesium.


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