How to combat the negative by creating positive word art.

Positive Word Project



noun  enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure

adjective  amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable.


I journal every day.

I am an avid notebook user.

A list maker.

I write on whatever I can.

I love the look of my words on the page.

I love the patterns the letters make.

I have favourite pens.

I have favourite paper.

I have a notebook with me where ever I go.

At a time of uncertainty a couple of years of ago I found a need to create hope and I started to seek and explore the power of positive words.

I started to create art with the positive words cut from newspaper articles that were reporting bad news.

I wanted to find the positive from the negative, to find hope.

I also make positive word art using one of my favourite pens, a chunky bamboo dip pen and what a joy it is to use. It drips and blobs and is unpredictable with its marks and I embrace this process.

I love the freedom this creates, I can let go and allow the marks speak.

By writing a word in repetition on the paper I create affirmations, the word becomes real to me and the patterns they create bring me joy.

Have a go.  See if your words can bring you joy!

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