How to feel more prosperous. Plant a Pound Project.


The theory of attraction introduces the concept of giving to receive.

This can be giving your time, giving a gift, giving friendship or whatever else you may like to give away.

But the giving of money to encourage money to return is, in my mind, a fascinating thought.

I first heard about this from Joe Vitale’s The Secret to Attracting Money where he talks about giving away a dollar a day. The idea is that the dollar is left anonymously where someone can find it.

By doing so you are introducing your sub-consciousness to consider that you have enough money to give away, that you are actually already wealthy.

Now I really love that idea and so have started to play! And yes it quite exciting.

My British version is plant a pound, so that it may grow and flourish!

I went to the bank to obtain a bag of shiny pound coins for this very purpose, my bag of seeds and now every day I take a coin to sow.

It has become a game to decide where would be a lovely place to plant my pound.

It is exciting wondering who may find this and what they may think, if they think this has been their lucky day!

It makes me feel happy and prosperous!

I encourage you to try it.

Plant a pound a day for a month and see how it makes you feel.

Place your coin where someone may find it.

Don’t give it as a tip or directly to someone.

Choose a place that will make the finder curious as to how it got there!

Have fun and sow your money seeds!

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