Balls! Making spherical forms from nature.

I love making sculpture from nature.

It’s a very satisfying thing to do.

I easily become absorbed in the creation process and find it very therapeutic, mindful.

Balls, spheres, globes and other forms can be made from any natural product that is pliable.

I like to use pine needles which are easily found under mature pine tree.

The double ‘wishbone’ type of needle are ones that I’ve found work best.

Keep damp by either placing them in a bucket of water or in a plastic bag.

Starting with one or two needles, make a knot. Then using the tails of the knot weave or sew through the body of the knot.

Sew the next pine needles through the knot and weave them around the body of the knot to build up the form with a sewing/weaving process.

Pay attention to the shape of the form. You want to keep it as spherical as possible.

Then keep adding the needles until you reach the desired size.

The process may take a few days and for ease of use keep the ball damp as well as the needles to weave with.

When complete, you can leave it to dry naturally.

Display in the home or garden.

Willow gives a more open weave ball. Use fresh wind fallen growth found under the trees.

Try other natural found material – yucca or pampas grass leaves stripped into fine strings or other pliable stems or grasses.

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