I recently had the need to get a new battery for my iphone.

Ok…… you may say.

But this situation got me thinking.

In the Apple store it wasn’t quite a teary goodbye to my phone but it was strangely interesting none the less. I wanted to be sure that it was safely bagged and labelled before leaving the store with a promise that I could collect it in an hour and a half.

But as I left the store it occured to me I have no way of knowing what the time actually is. I don’t wear a watch, I gave up on watches years ago, they had a habit of not keeping accurate time on me. Probably my magnetic personality or some other strange electrical body situation! But also, since the onset of presbyopia my arm isn’t long enough to be able to see one anyway!

So, I entered the world outside with no sense of time.

But then I realised that I was absent without leave.

No one would know where I was, no one could contact me and I could not contact anyone either.  I don’t know anyone’s number apart from my parents who have had the same telephone number all my life!

It was a very strange feeling!

But I took some deep breaths (lol!), told myself that all was fine, that I could do this and went off to treat myself to a late lunch in Carluccio’s to kill the time.

Although I don’t choose to do this often, over the last few years I have become accustomed to dining alone but I have to admit my phone has provided a bit of a crutch in these situations.

But here I was alone having lunch, with no phone.

But I felt ok with that.

I noticed that even though I was not the only woman lunching alone but each one of those women were totally engrossed with their smartphone.

I decided that this would be the perfect occasion for me to journal.

I love my journal.

I journal after my morning meditation.

I have a notebook for jottings with me where ever I go.

So I contemplate my thoughts and feelings and settle down to some serious people watching and write about whatever comes into my head.

I was JK Rowling sitting in her café writing her empire and it was very lovely.




But what was the thing that I noticed as I people watched?

The passers by, with little exception, all had one of two things in their hands.

A phone

Or a coffee cup!

sorry no photo – no phone!!!!!!

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