My Story so far

Day 1

Live your Legend 7 day self-discovery writing challenge.

I’ve been going through a process of self development and re-evaluation recently and was wandering through TED talks today when this guy Scott Dimsmore jumped out at me. I watched the talk twice, wrote notes (I’m already an avid journal writer and always have multiple notebooks on the go!) looked him up and thought what the heck. I’ve got nothing to lose by taking the 7 day challenge.

So here I am, it’s after midnight and I’m writing this first post on my phone in bed. What the heck!

And the first writing prompt is to tell my story.

Here goes…

I live in the UK and am voluntarily between jobs. I left my last job to create space to manifest a new life and a new way of working. I want to explore other ways of earning that are creative and allow the freedom and options of the lifestyle I desire.

I took a leap of faith. Jumped ship with no firm plan or even firm land to land on!

Crazy? Maybe. But my theory is, we only have one shot at life, I need to start to make things happen and not wait to see what may happen.

Outside of the work that I used to do I love art, photography and crafts. I run, do pilates and meditate. I love to walk in nature. I journal longhand in notebooks and make lists!

Oh and I love fire engines!

So that’s me for now.

Short and sweet!