Firing Up

Day 2

Live your Legend 7 day self-discovery writing challenge.

Ok, its the morning after my late night first ‘what the heck post’ and the email is in for my second writing prompt.

What topic makes you really fired up?

Because I’m just going for this and have started to write this post before I read the email, I think I may take five, to consider which topic is firing me this morning.

But what exactly does ‘fired up’ mean I wonder.  Should this be something I can rant on about?  An injustice?  A world problem that needs to be solved?  Or can this be a topic that inspires me, that, when I start to talk about it I become animated, have excitment and wonder in my eyes?  An ‘isn’t that amazing’ topic?

I’m guessing it can be either and so, in a favourite form – yup, a list, here are a few of my favourite things!  Did I mention that I love Mary Poppins and aspire to be like her – practically perfect in every way!!!  There’s a great Mary Poppins linked story from when my daughter was little that I may share with you some time!  Oh and something to add to ‘my story’ post of yesterday is that I can have a tendency to go off at a tangent.  My mind plays word association football – link – favourite things – song – A Sound of Music – Julie Andrews – Mary Poppins!  Keep up!

So, my list today is…

why is it that women have to declare their attachment to another on forms in the way of Miss, Mrs, Ms or whatever, when men are Mr in all cases?

why toilets are so important…

Why caring as a profession is not valued.  Healthcare, childcare, care of the elderly.  All the absolute backbone of society but not valued in monetory terms.  And mainly the work of females…

An ongoing fascination of found photography and loving being the detective, who is that person? where are they? why were they there? who took the photo? how did they become lost?  Found photography has been the inspiration of some of my art.

The awe at how old an elephant is, or an oak tree or that ceramic bowl in the British Museum and the passage of time, the things that have happened during its lifetime/existance.  The fact that someone made that pot, used it and here it is here today, still a pot!  I am a ceramicist too when the whim takes me.

The power of words.  How they can fire imagination and create emotion.  Why did seeing the hand written notes recently at the British Library for Andrea Levy’s Small island – one of my most favourite books and fabulous on Audible, make me cry?  Can I call myself a writer too?  I have so many handwritten journals.  Maybe one day they may make someone cry…

The wonder of nature.  From the simple blackbird in my garden, to the vastness of Africa or the American deserts.  Whatever happens in our life, the sun still shines, rain still rains, winds still blow and birds still do what birds do, that is very humbling.  Nature can put everything into perspective.

But the email asks for mad, what makes me mad and that I wish was different?  Ok, let’s go back to the top of the list?  A very small thing but boy it riles me every time however much I tell myself to breathe and let it go!

So what is it that upsets me about this very small issue with forms?

Well I think firstly that its just accepted.  Does anyone actually give it much thought or meaning?  It’s the ‘oh its just the way it is…’  But WTF?  WHY?

Why should I as a woman HAVE to state if I am married or not?  Because that’s what it boils down to.  A man doesn’t.  Does David Furnish have to declare on a form that he’s married by use of title?  No.  Both he and Elton would just put Mr.  End of.

But some women may like to tell the world that they are married I hear you say.  Absolutely.  Maybe they do.  And good for them.  But its the inforced nature of this part of the form that upsets me.  It’s not the marriage thing that upsets me.  I love the institution of marriage.  A fair and shared equal partnership of love and friendship and the many many other positive things that marriage can create.  It’s the fact that I have to state either Miss, Mrs or Ms on a form when men have just Mr.

Its historical and goes right back to when women were owned by their husbands and had no rights of their own.  Again WTF?

So it’s a gender issue.  One that has just continued because ‘that’s the way it is’.  But come on, its the 21st century.  Let’s ditch the variation of female titles.  Let’s have an accepted singular female title.  Or at the very least make them OPTIONAL and not an asterisked ESSENTIAL part of a form.