Thank you

Day 3

Live your Legend 7 day self-discovery writing challenge


So today is Day 3 of the writing challenge.  Its Saturday and Parkrun day.

Parkrun has been a challenge for me during the summer, for those not in the UK we have had a very long spell of heat wave conditions.  I love the good weather but this for us Brits has been a bit draining.  But none the less I have shown up and achieved reasonable times for a run walk run.  I have to add that my local Parkrun has a killer of a hill midway on the course which I have only run up once.  But I have done it and I will do it again!  This must be one of the most beautiful of Parkruns though.  Set within the grounds of Wimpole Hall, owned by the National Trust, the course undulates over the parkland and regularly offers the company of cattle, sheep and geese with views over the lake towards the folly.  Just fabulous.

This morning we were warned of a bee’s nest in a tree near the briefing area.  I went to check it out after the run.  It was a hole in the tree at ground level that was home to a colony of bumble bees.  They were no trouble just doing what bumble bees do coming and going into their hole.  Very lovely.


So all this is distraction.  I’m putting off the task!  Today’s writing prompt is

What do people thank you for? 

Hmmmm what do I say here?

The further prompts say

“What do you love helping people with?”

“What would you be happy to help others with, even if you didn’t get paid?”

“What do people constantly come to you for (travel tips, recipes, etc.)?”

Did anyone else struggle with this?

Ok, Helen you can do this.

I am great at planning and organising and in recent months I have organised a couple of very successful team building work social events.

Outside of work I’m great at looking ahead and organising events – concerts, sporting events, knowing what exhibitions are about to open, are on or that must be seen before they finish.  I book them up, put them in the diary and months later when they come around people are asking oh my goodness how did you manage to get tickets for that?  Well, because I’ve planned ahead.

So I’m great at planning.  Organising.  Fascilitating.  I like to do this and I have to say like the appreciation for this.

But I am the one who has looked at the details, seen what the weather forecast is, planned for every eventuality and arranged the picnic, complete with food for any special diet!  I also have the bag that has everything in, but in a compact kind of way as I’m quite small and refuse to carry a big bag!

And what do people come to me for?  Well, practical how to’s, yes, recipes, yes, trip advice but also personal advice, I’m a good listener, I do get to hear secrets!  And if people includes kids, well, I could add money to that too!