Elevator Pitch

Day 5

Live your Legend 7 day self-discovery writing challenge.


Today’s challenge asks what’s your elevator pitch?
It asks you to consider what you are excited about (personal or business)? What are you building or want to build? You know, the fun stuff in your life that you actually care about.
WOW!! Scary!

Previously, when asked what do you do? I would say that I’m a specialist ophthalmic nurse – you know, eyes. But in truth even though I am super proud of what I achieved in my career as a nurse I really didn’t like saying that “I am a nurse”. That’s really curious to note now that I’ve actually written it. Was it because in my very young days I would then get the standard comments like “oh, you can give me a bed bath any day” or “do you wear stockings with your uniform?” or “ah now, funny you should say that, I’ve been having these weird pains….” groan… yes, very possibly these responses didn’t help. I hated the stereotypical sexist accepted views of many people in the early 1980’s. But it was a recognised career path. One that I kind of fell into. One that my parents were proud of and needed no further explanation. Everyone knows what a nurse is.

But I no longer work as a nurse. I was never just a nurse.  I am not the sum total of my chosen job. I am much more.

So, now that I’m exploring new avenues, between jobs, not defined by an employment contract, what do I say? How do I answer the question ‘what do you do?’

Well here goes….

I am currently on sabbatical and am using my time to research the creative possibilities of earning money online.

I make things, I’m an artist and I write and I want to be able to create an income using my art. To create a work life that is fun not a chore.

I want to be able to share these concepts with my writing.

There are so many people who are stuck in mundane jobs that give them no joy or fulfilment.  I want to inspire others to look outside of the box and to tap their creative energies.

Life is short, we all need to have more fun.
……I just need to try it out in the real world now!