Day 7

So here I am, my final day of the 7 day self-discovery writing challenge. I am so proud to have done this, to be brave and write, to put it out for ‘the world’ to read.  To have achieved the challenge of writing online every day and to try something different.
But I am amazed at what I have learned about myself, along with the how this whole blog posting online thing works. I have been pushed to think about things in a different way and that has been challenging, cathartic and empowering. I am looking forward to continuing the journey.

Day 7 asks what do you want to feel?

My analysis of this is;

By working out and knowing

what we want to feel, what we like to feel and what we love to feel

and identifying the situations when we easily feel these feelings,

we can then learn to encourage more of these feelings in other areas of our lives

and by creating more good feelings and situations life has more meaning.  Tada!!!

Lots of feelings up there!
So my top six feelings that I love to feel are (today)


I tried for five but it turns out to be six.

Relaxed – I am relaxed when I meditate. When I’m chilling alone or with friends and family. When I’m walking in nature. When I’m creating – my art, photography, ceramics, crafts. When I’m being pampered – girlie hair and beauty love. When I am on holiday.

Confident – I feel confident driving. When I’m walking in nature. When I have a purpose.

Excited – I feel excited when I create. I am excited by possibility. I feel excited by travel, by trips, by new experiences.

Healthy – I feel healthy when I look after my body with exercise – pilates, running, walking, fitness training. When I nourish by body with healthy food and limit my alcohol consumption. When I am outside in fresh air.

Energetic – I feel energetic when I have new ideas. When I create. When I exercise. When I eat healthily.

Grateful – I feel grateful when I stop to think of all the wonderful things and people I have in my life. For the wonder of nature. For my freedom, my independence.

By writing about all these I note that feelings are not often isolated. Feelings are inter-connected. For example I feel energetic when I feel healthy and when I feel excited. I feel confident when I feel healthy and relaxed. I feel grateful and happy when I feel any combination of those listed.

The challenge for me now is to create more of these feelings in all areas of my life.  To create a income stream that allows me to feel these feelings.  To share these feelings with those I love and those that I meet.

So, I am grateful for finding this 7 day writing challenge, for the lovely people who have taken the time to read my thoughts and I am excited by the journey I am on and the many possibilities ahead of me.

Life’s a beach!