New habits

new habits

Day 8……

Today I have no email prompt. I have completed the 7 day challenge and through the process I have learned many things, one being that I am beginning to create the habit of writing a blog.

Now, ok, I was actually writing my personal journal every day, my collection of random thoughts and personal analysis that I doubt anyone will ever read apart from me, so you could argue that it’s not actually much of a new habit. But these last 7 days I have been writing then throwing it out there, into the universe, for all and anyone to read should they wish to. And I’ve actually quite enjoyed that liberation, I like my new habit.

It got me thinking about Matt Cutts TED talk where he talks about trying something new for 30 days. If you haven’t seen it go watch it. He tells us that 30 days is about the right amount of time to create a habit and that by deciding to add or remove a particular activity to or from our lives, we very quickly become accustomed to it, it becomes part of our life and as a result part of who we are.

My recent new chosen habits, other than writing my blog posts, are going to the gym, Parkrun, wiping the shower dry every time I use it and morning meditation.

But it’s not just actions that become habits, our thoughts become habits too.

When my children were young, I made the conscious decision not to use the word stupid. The theory being if you tell someone often enough they believe it and I refused to allow my children to think that they were stupid. Instead I chose to use the word silly but not that they were silly but that if they did something inappropriate, I would say it was a silly thing to do. That’s great. Well done me!

However, it turns out that I haven’t been quite so kind to myself over the years and it is only in recent times that I have discovered this. I like many others am guilty of self-sabotage with negative self deprecating thoughts. But by becoming more aware of my thoughts and how I talk to myself I am choosing to change them and create new habits. I think it’s these habits that are the real challenge to create though.

One day at a time is a good start.
Habit noun – a routine or practice that is repeated regularly, tends to occur subconsciously and is hard to give up.