stories shared – rat


So, last week, I was chatting with someone and she just suddenly changed the subject and said…

“oh my god, I’ve just got to tell you….”

and her story is……

After a romantic night, man-friend of above, is getting up early, to return home and to go to work.

Friend thinks ok, I’ll get up, make tea, have a smooch, see him off….

But she needs a pee, what girl doesn’t?

The bathroom light on (thankfully)

She lifts the lid on the toilet (her man is awesome and well trained in the seat/lid down department!)

only to





the toilet!

…of the vermin, screeching species!!!!!!!

NOT something a girl (or anyone) needs to see with her knickers down!!!!!!

in the wee small hours of seeing your loved one off…..

I am still traumatised!!!

I wasn’t even there!!!!





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