Social Media – an observation

searching for the perfect Instagram moment?

Does sharing your life on social media kill face to face conversation?

A curious observation.

It was a while back when I began to notice that people at work, yes me included perhaps, were becoming less in the habit of asking, after a weekend off or holiday…

“Oh how was your weekend/holiday/wedding/birthday party?” or whatever event had happened in anyone’s life.

Was it because we were super busy and didn’t have time to chat?

Had we suddenly become no longer interested in others lives?

Well yes, it could be partly, but the conclusion I came to is that we didn’t actually need to ask, we could all see each others lives in glorious technicolour on facebook or instagram.

We already knew.

We had already ‘liked’ and commented.

That conversation had already happened.

But then I noticed that when I took time off facebook (I do this now and again, have a bit of a love hate relationship with this one!) that the curiosity wasn’t triggered. I didn’t suddenly get the social niceties of “how was your……?” No, because I hadn’t posted anything it was assumed that I hadn’t actually done anything or been anywhere. You can’t win.

So, my lesson learned is, in the real world;

Be nice to people

Be interested and ask about their life

Don’t assume that their Online presence is their sole existence

People still like to talk

People still want to know you care – an Online ‘like’ is not always enough
Any thoughts on this one?