Have you ever asked the universe for a sign?

I have and love it.

I really don’t know how it works but it does for me. It’s like having a loving hand giving yours a reassuring squeeze.

Your sign can be anything you choose and probably best not to overthink it. It can be a thing, a symbol, a number, a colour, an animal, a bird, a song. You choose.

And just ask the universe to show you your sign when you need extra guidance.

You may not see one. You may see lots and either way is ok.

But when you start to notice one or some, it becomes exciting.

I have made bold life decisions recently with the support of my signs. They are my spiritual guiding hand.

These last couple of days I’ve seen lots. And I am smiling lots. I haven’t told people about finding my sign because I don’t want them to start looking for me, the idea is for me to find them not others.

This may not work for everyone, it may not be your thing. But maybe if you open yourself to the concept it could be.

I did. I love it. I am grateful for my signs. They work for me. And finding a way that works for you is all that matters.