The ‘what’s the point’ Gremlin

Being creative is a wonderful thing. I really love to make things, I always have from a very young age and it is a big part of who I am.

But does anyone else know the ‘what’s the point’ gremlin?

When I’m in a positive head space I can easily think heck it doesn’t matter. I’m creating just because I can and I love it.

But on deeper days that gremlin is tapping me on the shoulder and asking what’s the point? what are you going to do with more stuff?

Do you have a ‘what’s the point’ gremlin?

There are only so many things you can gift away to family and friends.

And yes I’ve even tried selling at craft markets in the past and decided it isn’t really my thing. But is it that I just give up too quickly?

handmade notebooks

I have boxes of ‘things’ in the loft.

Beautiful hand made notebooks.

Quirky postage stamp fridge magnets.

Art from lino prints to charcoal drawings to acrylic paintings.


In my shed I have ceramics various, glazed stoneware bowls, mugs, jugs, pots, plates.

stoneware vessels
stoneware bowls

And that’s not to mention the thousands of photographs on my computer!

There is only so much space to use and display my own creations in my home without it looking and feeling weird.

So what do I do?

What do you do?

Anyone have any ideas for what to do with my makes?