Me and the cats.


Following on from ‘me and the tortoise’…

So here I am, it’s January, a full eight months after I quit my job.  A new year and time for some new adventures.  Comfort zone?  Eeeek….. I’m ramping it up and moving out of said place again.

Now, for many of you, my mini adventures may seem lame but actually does that matter?


Back tracking….  Remember…..  I am a confident introvert, a sociable loner, a person who flits from hell no to hell yeah, a teenage mid-life woman, and before  Christmas I was beginning to think small, to shrink and worry.  I started to apply for jobs, low paid jobs and not even getting an interview began thinking that this was my self worth.

But I don’t want to work all hours for minimum pay.

I want (mini) adventures!

And THEN my very lovely, oldest, bestest friend (the one with the house in France and the vineyard ) came round for dinner.  “It’s a no brainer Helen”.  She tells me  “You need to make your biggest asset work for you”.

My home…

Now, this was always a possibility, of letting my house and going totally free range but heck that’s really flipping scary!

And so, it looks like that’s what I’ll be doing


So while I sort my house – yes, it has the contents of a 20+ year marriage, I have made contact with other similar life age females seeking adventures and have a few options up my sleeve, camping around Scotland? cycling in Madagascar?  But right now I find myself in the totally (for me) surreal situation of writing this post in a strangers house.  I am dipping into the world of house sitting.  I (yes just me on my own) am looking after a strangers home and her cats, and yes, one is very elderly and on insulin injections and thyroid meds!  This is my first house/pet sit.

My home owner, a lovely woman called Cath (not her real name) who I met a few days before staying here, is an ex mounted police inspector who tells me house sitting – she has used house sitters regularly in the last few years, has restored her faith in human nature.  There are, it appears, way more  decent people in the world than not.

And how lovely is that?

But Woooooh what a crazy situation to put/find myself in.  Living in a strangers home.  Looking after it and their loved ones…..

mind blowing….



why not?


Where will this take me?  what doors will this open?  baby steps?


But very scary….

I can do this…

F**k it, we have one life here….

let’s make it an adventure!