Random Access Memory

I have created in one form or other for as long as I can remember and my home is home to many pieces of my artwork, they are part of who I am.

I love to work in different mediums and love variey which makes for a difficult response to the question of “what do you do or make or paint?”  I have a fascination of materials and techniques and processes.  I am that person asking “how did they do that?”

In a previous post – Creativity, I mentioned the body of work that I’d made using found photography as a springboard for my ideas and thought processes.  These images of found photography led me to think about the photographs that would become lost to us in the future.  Our photographs are not destined to stay in shoe boxes or drawers but will be locked on redundant hard drives and lost to forgotten passwords in the cloud.

My shoebox of found photography is still a source of fascination and inspiration to me today.

The canvas pictured is one that I made 10 years ago now and hangs in my lounge.

Using found photography and materials that are not easily recycled this canvas is an assemblage with fragments of lost memories hidden in layers of time.  Buried within the work are photographic images, scraps of paper ephemera, elements of redundant computer technology, broken fragments of beach washed wood and other beach found items.  Glue, papers, sawdust, bees wax, plaster and acrylic paint were layered up, scraped back, built back up and sanded down to allow hints of what is beneath.

I called the body of work Random Access Memory with reference to the computer technology, to memories lost and the ‘randomness’ of me.  Those that know me would certainly agree that I can be random at times!

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