Citydog and me

For the last 3 weeks this country girl has been living in the city, house and dog sitting for friends of mine.  Yes, the same ones that have the house in France.

And living with citydog has been quite an adventure.

I had a dog for many years.  A Golden Retiever called Phoebe who was a gentle sweetheart but very much a country dog.

Citydog is a street savy English Bull Terrier.  Inteligent, strong, energetic but with very gentle character.  He knows his mind.

It took us a few days to get used to each others funny little ways but then with our routine worked out we were cool.  And what a cool dog he is.

We went to Putney to watch the Boat Race…


We’ve walked on Wandsworth Common and looked for the ducks…


Explored Tooting Common…


Watched the activity on the Thames from Wandsworth Park…


Strolled in Battersea Park…


We went to see the deer in Richmond Park but got distracted with sticks!


We’ve walked through King Georges Park and up the hill in Greenwhich Park.

We’ve had river walks along the Thames and the Wandle…


And he’s given me an expert tour of the city and his local patch in South London.

We’ve been on trains…


the tube…


a bus,

down the Thames on the waterbus,

and out in my car.

And each time it was like “don’t worry Helen, I know what we do here, I’m cool, I’ve done this before”.

And of course he has.  And I have.  But not together.  But after 3 weeks I think we’re both cool with it all.

But hey buddy, guess what?

One more big sleep and then Mummy is back home!

I think there’s going to be one excited citydog in the morning!!