Just how many chairs does a girl really need in her home?


This week I have been renovating a chair that I have had for some years.  It was one that waved at me from a second hand store, thrift shop, call it what you will.  This little chair, a beech wood folding one, had long since lost its seat but none the less, Helen fell in love with it.  But on moving from one side of the country to the other, it has sat in store in my father’s workshop, quietly waiting for me to find it again.

Now, over the last few weeks I have been busy helping my parents, who are in their 80’s, to de-clutter and pack up their home of 43 years.  A home with five acres of garden, paddock and a pond that some would call a lake, a workshop the size of a bungalow ( I know that because it used to be one, it was deconstructed, moved piece by piece and re-built by my father to become his workshop!) a potting shed, garage and greenhouses, to relocate to a smaller more manageable property for their older years.  So yes, I’ve been busy!  But between the physical and mental exhaustion of it all, after all it has been mine and the extended family’s home for that time too, I have loved the process of creating order from chaos!

But, back to my chair.  In the process of sorting out the workshop I re-discovered my chair, along with other projects that were put on hold and have brought it and them home. So this week I have transformed my chair from being just a slightly battered frame to one that brings me joy.

I have sanded it smooth, created a new upholstered seat and lovingly polished it with Dad’s special recipe bees wax.

I knew this chair had potential, that it could become a thing of beauty and it has.

Actually I am sitting on it right now, as I write this post in my garden.  Its sturdy, comfortable on the bum and just the right height for my petite 5’1″ body!  Not too big, not too small, just right!  A Goldilocks chair for me and my folding laptop table.

But my new/old chair got me thinking.  Exactly how many chairs do I actually have in my home?

The number shocked me.

But then, it didn’t surprise me.

Like scissors – another story, chairs wave at me and call to me!

So, confession time.

I have a total of 28 chairs in my little home!


Ok, this includes garden chairs, stored camping chairs and the folding chairs in my shed,  a spare with the bucket sitting on it under the tap in my garage and 2 more in the loft! And many of them have stories behind them.

Still, that’s quite a lot of chairs!

And that’s not counting the 2 sofas, at least 6 stools and garden bench…

But when you love chairs, I guess there is always room for another!

How many chairs do you have?