Print yourself Art

Printable art is such a great way to update your home or office wallspace.

It’s instant. You download the image as soon as your purchase has cleared.

It’s versatile. You can print it yourself straight away at home or upload it to an online printing service for the finish of your choosing or you can walk to your local print shop and talk to a real person!

You have a huge selection to choose from, especially on Etsy. The world is a big place!

It’s often cheaper.

You don’t have any postage and packing costs.

And don’t forget you are supporting the actual artist, designer or maker directly.

But it’s the framing that makes your print unique to you.

My prints are available in regular frame sizes. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to that.

You could choose to use an over sized frame with a large mat (mount).

You could cut the image down to fit a smaller frame.

You don’t even need to frame it.

You could have it printed onto foam board or on to canvas.

You could even paste it onto a piece of drift wood if you wanted.

You can buy a buget frame from the supermarket.

Or have a bespoke one made to suit your interior design.

But I love to have a rummage in my local charity shops for frames.

It is here that you can find, not only, a bargain but also something more unique and something that you can customise yourself.

Think about spray painting your frame, or gilding it, or painting it with the same paint as your wall.

Most importantly enjoy your art! Hang it where it makes you smile!

Visit Lil and Daise store on Etsy


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