Love Bites


A curious trait – humans have always found a way to leave their mark.

It’s Valentines Weekend here in the UK and with a global pandemic all around us, it’s one like we’ve never known before.

I’m in a privileged / complex situation of currently having no fixed abode and within government guidelines, I am one of the few people able to move around.

This week I find myself in Norfolk.

It’s been a cold week of snow and minus temperatures and I’ve been exploring the ‘local to me’ footpaths.

My walks have been a joy, with frozen earth instead of boggy wet mud and a dazzling white carpet of gorgeousness that is snow.

And in amongst the incredible trees in the woods near here, I happened across this beauty.

A majestic matriarch of a tree.

One that has borne witness to many years of life. Life that has both passed it by and interacted with it.

One with the scars of human declarations of love.

Of snuggles and cuddles.

Of hugs and kisses.

Of lovemaking and passion.

And maybe the conception of a new life or two.

But I find myself curious.

Who do these initials belong to?

Where are these people now?

What are their stories?

Do they even remember the heady excitement of love in the woods now?

Why this tree?

What makes someone want to carve their initials into a tree?

And who was HH? The person with the same initials as me.

We will never know.

So this weekend of happy valentines, in our strange new world, give big (real or virtual) hugs to all the wonderful trees out there, who are helping to calm us in all this crazy by quietly getting on and doing what trees do best!

Authors note

Please do not deface living plants. This is criminal damage and can harm the plant or tree.

Walk softly. Leave no mark. Take only photos.

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