Altered Images

Are you a doodler?
I just love doodling.
I often find myself doodling.
It’s something that needs little or no thought and little or no planning
Just pick up a pencil or pen and a piece of paper and you’re off!

But have you ever tried making altered images?
Doodling over existing images.

Now I’m not suggesting that you reach for your old school photo, or family wedding picture but what about that old magazine that’s heading for the recycling?

Magazine are G R E A T for doodling on.

Grab a big shiny old magazine.

Choose a page with little or no writing on (my preference) but that’s up to you!

I use a Sharpe pen – black, but again your choice.

Put your favourite box set / movie / music on

Curl up on the sofa

And start doodling.

I like to consider the page as a collection of abstract shapes that I outline first before adding further lines to reduce the size and shapes more.

And then the fun starts.

Working on one shape at a time I slowly fill in the space with doodles – lines, circles, zig-zags, ovals, dots – whatever takes my fancy.

And so the page evolves.

Tips for making Altered Images

*use glossy pages

*use a sharpie/permanent maker to prevent smudges

*have a board, rough paper underneath for lines that go over the edge

*don’t over think it – just go with the flow

*choose page colours that you like!

Ideas for using your finished images

When I’ve finished I like to see what it looks like in a frame/mount/matt. If you haven’t got one to hand make a mock one using strips of plain paper. You will be amazed at the transformation a frame makes.
And that is one thing you can do with your final image…

Frame it and hang it on the wall.

However it is not the only thing you can use your altered images for and below (not an exhaustive list) are a few other ideas.

Try using them…

as art therapy – invite a couple of friends around for a coffee and chat and doodle together!

to decorate a greetings card -cut a section out and decorate a blank card

to make into a book mark – if the paper is thick enough just cut to shape or glue to card first.

to cover a book – a notebook, a journal, a hand made junk journal!

to use as collage paper -mix with other found or decorated papers to create a unique artwork

as gift wrapping paper – who doesn’t love a gift wrapped in hand made paper?

to wrap some flowers in – wrap around a simple bunch of garden flowers as a gift!

to cover a box – no one else will have a storage box the same as yours!

to decoupage -anything! If it doesn’t move it can be decoupaged!

as scrapbooking paper – unique to you

And here are a couple of ways I have used some of my Altered Images

I decorated left over ceramic tiles – seal with varnish and add cork dots on the bottom.

Tea Tray
I covered an old stained tea tray – again seal with varnish.

watch how I make Altered Images here

See other videos on my YouTube channel

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