Handmade Notebooks


Don’t you just love them? 

Gosh my head is full of possibles, of what ifs, of we could do this and I could totally do that!

Ideas for enterprises, small business ideas, books, blogs, make its and more!

But with such an abundance of ideas, many, many (but not all) fall along the wayside and get no further than just that – an idea!

Lots of my ideas get written down in notebooks and journals and over the years these notebooks have been filed away in boxes and stored. 

So I thought it would be fun to revisit some of my ideas.  To bring them out into the daylight, to share them and to set them free!  And maybe someone else will find them and bring them into life!

Each week, or so (because I know I’m not always great with consistency!!) I will be sharing with you an idea – or two.  These may be old ones from those stored notebooks or new ones that have jumped into my head this week or a combination of both.

But for fun I thought I would share this gem from 2007/08

Now I don’t know the timeline of streaming services and on demand TV and actually television features very little in my life now but here it is in my own handwriting!

And Wow!!

If you have difficulty reading my writing it says:

Create – get created an on-line / sky version of video store.

On demand film service.

Pay to watch what film you want, when you want it, from archive of thousands.

Also old BBC progs, documentaries and so on.

Search by keyword, year, lead actor/actress and so on.

Onto your TV not computer or (no nec computer)

An Itunes of film & TV but you pay per view not to keep.

Brilliant huh?  

Elizabeth Gilbert speaks about ideas in great detail in her book Big Magic.  She speaks of the phenomenon of ideas ‘getting away’, of multiple discovery and of ideas that get birthed elsewhere because we haven’t given them the attention they deserve!  

Well, that one didn’t get my full attention, that’s for sure!!

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3 responses to “Ideas!”

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one with notebooks full of my ideas … your thoughts are so insightful

    1. ah thank you. Crazy huh! Maybe we should start using our ideas more!

      1. Yes. A bit like you, it’s getting the time to sit down and review them. Good luck with your reviews. I look forward to the next one

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