Dog Mum ideas from 2009

Being an artist / creative / maker (I still can’t quite decide or pigeonhole exactly what I want to call myself!!) many of the ideas in my many many notebooks and journals are art based ones.   However, dotted amongst them are other random potential business / product / enterprise ideas.

Back in 2009 we had the pleasure of sharing our lives with our lovely golden retriever called Phoebe who was nine at the time.  We had moved to Devon and were enjoying the coastal life but with only one bathroom with no walk-in shower, giving Phoebe a necessary bath now and then was entertaining to say the least!  Devon is very lush and green for a reason!  It rains quite a lot and dog walks were pretty always mucky, from the mud in the hills or the estuary silt or very sandy from the beaches and dunes. 

So here is my 2009 wish list of products / inventions that could make life easier with my long haired (but wouldn’t change a thing about her) very lovely dog!

My notes say:

  • Design a dog brush with a silent vacuum cleaner attached to suck up the hair.
  • A dog flea comb that zaps the fleas when you comb them
  • Design dog nail clippers that don’t cut too short (& make them bleed) A Safe Clipper.
  • Dog bath steps that are safe in & out, for large dogs to use domestic bath – non slip, easy to store.

Now I have no ideas if any of these ideas have been created by now or if any of these products exist but if they don’t, they absolutely could

…over to you!

Phoebe (Hermione Fleet & Fair)

20/02/2000 – 10/09/2015

And as I write this, I realise that today is the anniversary of our very sad final farewell.  Gosh don’t know what else to say… 

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  1. I love the idea of the brush … ive just cut my hair, but I think my husband would love me to have one too – he’s always complaining about my hairs getting everywhere

    1. The idea is my gift to you!! Let me know when it’s ‘patent pending’! And of course I’d love an invite to the launch lol!!

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