As a multi-passionate artist and maker, with a love materials and processes, I create intuitively to produce unique, one of a kind works.

I love working with a variety of materials, using assemblage and collage as favoured techniques.

I like to layer the unusual into my work, including ephemera, waste materials, sawdust and beeswax. By embracing the quality of happenstance, I like to let the material lead the way.

Recent artwork has been exploring positive words and making personal affirmation art. I use newspapers to create word art, extracting the positive words from the negative and draining stories being reported to find positivity in the chaos.

In clay, my work is an exploration of form and texture. Function is important to me, so much of my work can be used around the home. I often use self created moulds from bisque ware as a starting point. I like to embrace the quirky irregularities of hand-building, allowing the marks of my hands and tools show through, allowing the clay to speak. I see perfection in imperfection.

I have a degree in Fine Art, a life long love of making, and professional background in healthcare and education.

Currently I live in rural Cambridgeshire.

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