Positive Word Art

A few years ago I commenced on a journey of personal development and mid life re-evaluation.

The power of the words we use and the concept of repeating affirmations, positive and negative was enlightening to me.

I began to realise the damage caused from years of the same old loop of self deprication that many of us have playing in our heads.

But writing my affirmations on sticky notes and dotting them around the house just seemed to add to the clutter my head. I even tried writing them in lipstick on the bathroom mirror but no, that wasn’t working for me either.

I had easily got into the habit of morning meditation and journaling and soon found that my affirmations were appearing in my notebooks. It was here that I began to love the look of the words on the page, the patterns they made, the abstract forms that were created and so these words escaped from the notebook pages and I started creating positive word art.

I still find the process therapeutic as I let the words speak and find their own way on the paper.

I especially love using a bamboo dip pen with its random ink blots and hand printing with individual letter stamps.

I use newspapers to create word art, extracting the positive words from the negative and draining stories being reported, to find positivity in the everyday chaos.

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