Humans have been creating art for pleasure since the beginning of time. It is part of our DNA to create but so many of us no longer dare to do so for fear of judgement.
So many adults have inhibitions and creative scars from childhood where they were told that they were not artistic or creative or their picture was wrong or rubbish or not as good as someone elses.

I want to encourage people to create for the sake of creating. To enjoy the journey, the process and take the pressure off of the end result. For people to love what they have created simply because they loved the process of creating it!

We live in, at times, a very stressful world, where we work hard to juggle employment with childcare, family life and other commitments.
We all know that time out to de-stress is important. But how many of us prioritise that? Research shows that the opposite of play is not work. It is depression.

Creativity is one of the tools I use to maintain my own good mental health. It helps me to refocus any negative thoughts, anxieties or everyday stresses.

Being creative is a way of unwinding, of being in the moment, of being mindful, to play.

To create is to make something that has never existed before.

*Online workshops coming soon*

Contact me for the following creative workshops.

Notebooks from recycled papers.

Using found papers I will guide you through the process of creating unique folded notebooks with tied and embellished closures. Perfect for writing personal affirmations, positive words, expressing gratitude and journalling, doodling and sketching.

Positive word art.

Finding the positive words from everyday media. By collaging words cut from newspapers and magazines you will make positive word art with the words that mean the most to you.


Let’s just play! Find your inner child and have fun cutting and sticking to create new art by upcycling magazines and found papers.

*Online workshops coming soon*

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